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Angled Frame Conveyors 125Z Series

[125Z Series Conveyor with 1" cleats and corrugated sidewall belt. Shown from side.]

Elevation Changes in Tight Spaces

The 125Z Series line of angled frame conveyors from QC Industries feature the same low profile (1.89”) of our popular 125 Series belt conveyors, allowing these unique conveyors to be used in tight quarters where conventional conveyors will not fit. A variety of angles and configurations make these conveyors ideal for applications that require elevation changes, including manufacturing plants, automation cells, packaging lines and metal stamping environments.

Our unique Z-Track™ allows users to gain control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline. This component adjusts rapidly for belt installation and tracking adjustments then locks in the tracking setting to ensure long belt life.

Five standard conveyor configurations are available:

Z Conveyor

Horizontal to Incline or Decline to Horizontal

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L Conveyor

Horizontal to Incline

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R Conveyor

Incline to Horizontal

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U Conveyor

Decline to Horizontal to Incline

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N Conveyor

Incline to Horizontal to Decline

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