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Drive Assembly 125 Series

[125 Series drive assembly shown with straight knurl. Tracking adjustments can be seen at conveyor attachment point.]


  • Straight knurl design used to prevent premature wear on the carcass of the belt and still provide superior grip to overcome start-up inertia
  • Crowned sealed drive assembly designed to promote superior belt tracking
  • Equipped with Lube-for-Life Bearings, making conveyor maintenance-free
  • Thrust washers designed into the drive assembly provide axial float, which allows the assembly to move with the natural camber of the belt and protect bearings against off-center load conditions
  • Precision bearing alignment is guaranteed within the pressed bearing assemblies that are piloted on body fitted studs, providing optimal conditions to move the heaviest loads in low profile conveyors
  • Threaded tracking adjustment points provide simple responsive belt tracking that retain settings, even during belt removal
  • Drive pulley is available in solid output design, dual solid output design, or hex through shaft design
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