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[125 Series Belt Conveyor with white MAA belt and 1" adjustable guides. Shown at tail end carrying two yellow boxes.]QC Industries offers conveyors for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our conveyors are known for their reliability and versatility. With their low profile design, these conveyors can fit almost anywhere, making them an ideal choice for standardizing entire facilities.

Use the chart below to determine which of our conveyor lines is appropriate for your application.

Conveyor Selection Guide

  125 Series 125 Series Magnetic 125 Series Cleated 125 Series Stainless Steel 125Z Series 300 Series 400 Series
Accumulation X     X     X
Assembly X   X   X X X
Automotive X X X   X X X
Bar Code Scanning X     X   X  
Bulk Product X   X       X
Clean Room Operations X     X   X X
Cosmetics X   X X X X  
Curing X           X
Diverting X           X
Electronic Component Automation X         X  
Food Processing X     X   X X
High Temperature Applications X           X
Incline/Decline Operations X X X   X   X
Ink Jet Printing X       X X
Inspection X     X   X X
Labeling X     X   X X
Machine Integration X X X X X X X
Material Handling X           X
Medical X     X   X X
Metal Stamping X X X       X
Packaging X   X X X X X
Palletized Operations X         X  
Parts Separation X X X   X   X
Part & Scrap Removal X X X   X   X
Pharmaceutical X     X  X X
Plastics Molding X   X   X    
Robotic Integration X   X     X X
Scanning X     X   X  
Weighing X   X        
Workcells X   X X   X